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A member of staff introduced Muriel to the center through the use of outreach hours. This allowed for a slow transition into day support, enabling staff to establish trust. Muriel was initially introduced to the center for morning coffee and met with other service users, though after an hour Muriel requested to leave. It was suggested that she may like to visit on another day for lunch.

Over the next couple of months Muriel started to attend one full day a week. It was observed that Muriel was starting to take more interest in her appearance and her overall well-being improved. Muriel completed her life story supported by her key worker and daughter in law, enjoying talking about how she used to bake bread and cakes and how her scones where the best in the street! Muriel now takes part in our baking activity and enjoys teaching us all how to make pastry (no pre packed pastry allowed) this has allowed her to socialize and interact more with other service users. Her social skills have improved and her son is very appreciative of the difference day support has made to his mother and her quality of life. Day Support has now been increased to three days a week.

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