Why do people volunteer?

I have worked with a team of volunteers for the past two years in the retail area of Age Concern Central Lancashire. I often wondered what motivates an individual to willingly give their time on a regular basis often to carry out a role that could be tiring, dirty and/or repetitive. With such a variation of ages, skills and experience I decided to ask some of the Market Place Shop team what motivates them to volunteer.

Below are a number of responses from members of our team.

“Volunteering allows me to feel valued,… that I still have skills to offer despite being unable to seek employment…. It offers me independence, it is my thing.”

“I have always been a people person; I enjoy meeting and serving the customers”

“I feel rewarded in the knowledge I am helping a local charity… it is close to where I live”

“I wanted to do ‘my bit’…. Sooner or later I may need help from Age Concern Central Lancashire”

“I wanted to gain new skills…. I couldn’t find a job in retail.

“It gives me a reason to leave the house and do something different…. I have met some lovely people in the process and formed friendships”

“I enjoy sorting and tidying, processing donations is like treasure hunting for me!”

“I genuinely love older people, serving them in the shop and spending a few minutes chatting with them benefits both of us.

“It keeps me young, I am mixing with people of different ages and without volunteering I would probably not spend any time with the younger generation”

“I needed something current for my C.V. and the possibility of a worthwhile reference…gaining new skills and meeting new people”

“Wanted to commit myself to do something helpful and useful”

As you can see each volunteer has a set of individual factors that motivates them to volunteer.  If you can relate to any of the above or have some of your own and would like to volunteer, please pop into one of our shops and ask for information.

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