Can you help us to make your donations go further?

Did you know that when you donate items to our shops you can sign up to our Gift Aid Scheme?

Simply by filling in a form when you donate for the first time will allow us to claim an extra 25p in every £1 your donations raise from HMRC.

As long as you pay equal to or more Income Tax than the amount you donate to charity during each tax year this will have no impact on the amount of personal tax you pay

Just a few minutes of your time on your first visit will make a huge difference and allow us to raise additional valuable funds from your  donated goods.

Once you are part of our Gift Aid Scheme you will only need to give your name and postcode if you donate to us again.

So please if you can, help us to make your donations go that little bit further.  The money our good as new shops raise help us to continue to provide valuable help and support to older people in the local community.

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