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A Fiat Doblo Combi with a high roof and wheelchair access was delivered on the 14th May 2014 to Age Concern Central Lancashire.

David Hardacre from Stanford Coachworks, the minibus and wheelchair accessible conversion specialists based in Essex, was welcomed by the locals as he handed the keys over to David Rudman, Executive Director of Finance and Support Services.

The Doblo is just one of three deliveries that will be made to Age Concern Central Lancashire in the next couple of months, with a Renault Master and VW Crafter soon to join the fleet. Stanford Coachworks’ reputation across the country that is second-to-none for high quality products and excellent customer servicehas undoubtedly been proven once again.

Personalised Specification

The 5 seat Fiat Doblo Combi LWB XL SX, 2.0L was used as the base vehicle, with a multi jet engine, manual gearbox and high roof. The M1 IVA rated vehicle has, a wedge type rear floor and a light weight fold out ramp is fitted at the rear to accommodate onewheelchair passenger. Wheelchair restraints were supplied, with electric inertia reels protected in alloy cases for the front securing and detachable ones for the rear.

The vehicle came from the factory fully glazed and with a fully trimmed interior. Other fittings included Saloon speakers, Interior lights, Bluetooth and Air Conditioning.

Where it all began...

Following a routine check, David Hardacre attended a meeting David Rudman at Age Concern Central Lancashire to discuss the requirements of the home managers from Charnley Fold and Withy Trees. David arrived in the Stanford Coachworks red Demonstration Doblo, much to the interest of all at Age Concern.

“Everyone fell in love with it,” David recalls, “It was originally ruled out as being too small, but after the additional orders of the Renault Master and VW Crafter, it was decided the Doblo would be the ideal go-between for the two houses.”

All vehicles, the two larger buses and the Doblo, were designed to meet different passenger needs for each house, the order eventually placed on the 22nd April 2014.

The handover on the 14th May was intended to be a simple affair, but the excitement and interest in the first of three deliveries won out in the end, and a welcoming party of locals greeted David as he arrived in Preston.

David Rudman from Age Concern Central Lancashire, remembers: “Everything was great and the happiness and enthusiasm of the users and staff was brilliant.” All in all, a great day for everyone involved and the spring sunshine shone on the new red Doblo.

Age Concern Central Lancashire

Age Concern is an established organisation, well respected in the community of Central Lancashire. First established in 1981, their aim is to help older individuals with everyday tasks, such as keeping on top of their daily chores, making new friends and getting out and about in the local community as well as promoting the well-being of older people.

The Fiat will go a long way in helping the residents of Charnley Fold and Withy Trees. The vehicle will be shared by both care homes and will act as a go-between.

Like all Stanford Coachworks vehicles, quality, safety and comfort are assured and can be depended upon. With its Ferrari Red finish, the Fiat Doblo will be a well-loved and well-recognised part of the Preston and South Ribble community. Another successful delivery from Stanford Coachworks is complete!

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