Older Women's Co Housing (OWCH) scheme

BBC News reported today on the fantastic Older Women's Co Housing (OWCH) scheme set up by a group of women over 50.

On their website they state: "OWCH is a group of women aged from 50 to 80+ who have got together to plan the first cohousing community of older people in the UK. Our decision to be for women only is based on the fact that it tends to be women who live alone most in old age - but we have always seen ourselves as pioneering a model for all older people. We are keen to help other older groups learn from us to develop their own schemes and we often have visitors with this in mind at our monthly all-day meetings."

They continue: "Forming a successful cohousing community requires mobilising capital and locating and buying land. In London particularly this is beset with difficulty. Our unfamiliarity with the commercial construction world and our lack of available finance has led us in the direction of housing associations. We have seen them as developers and - perhaps idealistically - also as people-centred charities, rooted in local communities, who would respond to an innovative concept such as senior cohousing."

For more information visit their website: www.owch.org.uk


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