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Volunteer your way to a new job

As you may know we like to say thank you to our volunteers and this is often returned.  As you can see I have a thank you card on my desk from one of our volunteers who tells me he now has so much more confidence through volunteering and that he has been able to gain employment.  He enjoyed his volunteering so much he is still doing this around his work.  As I have been at Age Concern Central Lancashire since 1999 this is just one of the many success stories I have seen and have great pleasure in hearing about.

I remember my first volunteer who told me she had now found a job after being unemployed for some time.  She said I asked them at the interview if I could manoeuvre my hours around my volunteering and they said yes.  She continued to volunteer for another 12 months on Wednesday afternoons.

Only this week a volunteer who left some time ago rang to ask if we still able to give him a reference as the job he had left us for had helped him into work but he is now hoping to try something else.  Of course we will.

During the past twelve months we have had thirty four volunteers “leave” because of employment so whether you think you have the skills to learn or share come along and find out more.



Volunteer Recruitment Officer

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