Regular visitors to Plungington Shop

This is brother and sister Obie and Lexi who are regular visitors to our Plungington Road shop. They love the shop and the staff here so their mum Sam brings them in at least twice a week.

Obie is a very observant little boy and recently asked what the little boxes were for. He meant our loose change appeal boxes. I explained that it was for people to put all their loose pennies in it to help the elderly.

His mum Sam asked if they could take one and would return it when it was full, she said it may take a while. Less than a week later they returned to the shop delighted to give me the now full box. There was just under £5.00 in it.

Their mum explained that Obie asked all their family and friends for just one penny from each of them and told them what it was for. What a lovely thing for two young children to do and how thoughtful of them. I told them how grateful we are and that they were helping towards our charity. They both insisted on taking another box home. I would like to say a big thankyou to Obie, Lexi and their mum Sam for their kindness.

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