Making a come-back!

Until recently it was presumed the vinyl record was becoming a media format of the past. Like cassette tapes and VHS the demand for vinyl had been replaced by new technologies such as cd’s and downloads.

However the romance with vinyl and the desire to have a physical copy of ones’ music choice has seen a huge resurgence with high street record shops stocking this format once again and a new generation of music fans discovering the magic of music with a ‘crackle’.

At our Market Place shop in Preston City Centre we have a large selection of vinyl. Music covering almost every genre, from classical to jazz, musicals to rock, and band music to punk, there really is something for everyone. Please pop in and take a trip down memory lane.

We have a growing demand for singles and albums alike, so please don’t throw them away if you are having a clear out, we are always in need of new stock to freshen our offering to the public.   To arrange a collection contact us on 01772 250773  or request an online collection here

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