If only lace could talk…

When Teresa and Joe donated a carrier bag full of old table cloths and napkins to Charnley Fold Day Centre we were really touched to learn about the history of a particular item it contained. Accompanying a piece of old lace was the following note.

“This cloth was given to me by an old friend/neighbour who came from Guernsey. She had to leave her home, which was taken over by the Germans during the war. She was sent to a concentration camp with her 2 sons – her husband was sent to another concentration camp. When war was over ‘they’ were able to visit their home – all in ‘rack and ruin’, everything destroyed. She happened to find this cloth, one of very few things left, - her mother made it. The family were repatriated by the Red Cross and ‘sent’ to Leyland, in 1945. She died aged 86, in the 1980s. So it seems a shame to destroy the lace, perhaps someone could make something of it – it is well over 100 years old (I feel it!). Love Teresa”

Teresa was right this lace is special, and the staff were very touched by its history. To show their appreciation of its significance the service users and staff in the Tuesday afternoon sewing group within Charnley Fold Day Service decided to give it renewed life. Joe and Teresa were invited to Charnley Fold and presented with what had been created - a cushion cover made from a piece of the lace and another piece framed alongside its poignant story.  

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