Elvis Presley Project at Charnley Fold

A tribute to Elvis is on display at Charnley Fold enhanced day support to mark the 40th anniversary of his death. The display was the culmination of a project suggested by a group of our service users.

The master piece was put together over 12 weeks, and created a focus and discussion topic for all within the day centre to enjoy.

The group planned the display and items they needed to complete the project. Fun was had deciding which key songs and films to depict. It was agreed that it wouldn’t be Elvis without a pair of blue suede shoes and a guitar.

Charnley fold has two realistic dogs; a large sheep dog and a Dalmatian, both of which naturally became the “hound Dog” and “Old shep”.

We would like to thank our retail outlet for the loan of a mannequin that we used to create our display centre piece “a life size Elvis”.



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