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Human Resources

What are HR policies?

HR policies are a written source of guidance on how a wide range of issues should be handled within an employing organisation, incorporating a description of principles, rights and responsibilities for managers and employees.

Links between HR policies, procedures and strategy

HR policies should flow from HR strategies, and complement HR procedures.

  • An HR strategy is a statement or framework determining how HR can support business or organisational objectives, focusing on longer-term people issues and macro-concerns about structure, values, commitment and matching resources to future need.

  • HR policies provide general and practical advice and guidance for managers and staff on a range of employment issues.

  • HR procedures support and supplement HR policies where appropriate by giving a step-by-step account of specific arrangements that apply in particular circumstances (for example, setting time limits within which meetings must take place).

Below we have listed the current Age Concern Central Lancashire policies, guidance or statements that are pertinent to Human Resources.

Name Description Document
Capability_Policy The aim of the Policy is to ensure clarity about the level of performance expected of employees, particularly if the nature of an individual’s role changes, and to provide a means through which matters can be dealt with in an equitable manner to encourage improved performance and address any issues as quickly as possible. Download
Disciplinary_Policy The aim of the Policy is to encourage improvements in the conduct and performance of members of staff and provide a means through which disciplinary matters can be dealt with in an equitable manner and resolved as quickly as possible. Download
Grievance_Policy The Policy sets out a procedure designed for the consideration of individual and collective grievances, which incorporates separate measures to settle a grievance or dispute raised by two or more employees. This procedure is available to all employees of Age Concern Central Lancashire. Download
Harassment_Policy The aim of this Policy is to ensure that harassment does not occur in the workplace, and, if it has happened, to ensure that procedures are available to deal with it and prevent its recurrence. This Policy applies to all employees, volunteers, students, consultants, agency temps, contractors and secondees of Age Concern Central Lancashire. Download
Probation_Review_Policy The Policy sets out the organisation’s approach to probation for new members of staff, aiming to ensure that it meets its commitment to the fair, equal and consistent treatment of employees within the probation period. Download
Professional_Conduct_Policy The purpose of this Policy is to define the framework for a consistent and fair approach, in order to help and assist all staff, volunteers, students and other representatives of the organisation to achieve and maintain an agreed standard of conduct, performance and behaviour whilst representing the organisation. Download
Sickness_Management_Policy The aim of this Policy, which applies to all employees, is to provide a procedural framework within which managers can deal with the sensitive area of managing sickness absence in a fair and consistent manner. Download
Staff_Performance_Review_Policy The aim of this Policy is to ensure that a clear, consistent and transparent procedure is in place to monitor and evaluate the work performance of all staff. Download
Stress_Management_Policy The aim of this Policy is to ensure that the number of employees who are absent from work or cannot perform well at work as a result of workplace stress is as low as possible. This Policy applies to all employees of Age Concern Central Lancashire. Download
Employee Supported Volunteering Policy This Policy aims to set out the organisation's stance in respect of Employee Supported Volunteering and lay out the terms and conditions to be observed by staff when taking part in the scheme. Download
Equality and Diversity Policy This Policy aims to support the organisation in meeting its legislative requirements under the Equality Act 2010 and applies to all job or placement applicants, employees, volunteers and service users. Download
Volunteer Management Policy

This Policy sets out the our approach to volunteer management, aiming to ensure that valuable volunteering opportunities are offered, adequate support is provided and the reciprocal relationship between the volunteers and Age Concern
Central Lancashire is best used to the benefit of all concerned.




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