Another fantastic success story

Mr and Mrs H were referred to Age Concern Central Lancashire by Help Direct for a benefit check. They were visited at home by a member of staff. Mrs H was receiving high rate Attendance Allowance but Mr H was receiving no financial help despite his poor health. The member of staff identified that Mr H was eligible to apply for Attendance Allowance. He wished to proceed and the member of staff sent for the forms. As Mr H cares for his wife, a Carers Allowance form was also sent for as this could make a difference to the eligibility of means tested benefits.

Other benefits were discussed but these could only be pursued further once the outcome of the Attendance Allowance application was known.

Mr H rang the office to inform that the forms had arrived. A volunteer visited to complete the Attendance Allowance form and the Carers Allowance form.

Mr H got in touch to say he had been awarded the high rate of Attendance Allowance and an underlying entitlement to Carers Allowance. Mr H was signposted to the Pension Credit helpline. He rang them and they advised him that he and his wife were entitled to Pension Credit; because of this they are exempt from paying Council Tax. The member of staff requested a form from the local council so that his exemption could be actioned. A Carers Allowance form was also requested for Mrs H because she has a caring role for Mr H. This would also entitle them to more Pension Credit.

Once the forms arrived, the same volunteer who previously visited as able to revisit Mr and Mrs H to complete the further two forms.

Mr and Mrs H received an extra £251 per week in benefits as a result of the work of the Community Support and Information team.

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