Toe nail problem

The Foot Care Officer visited a service user on 19th November 2014.  She noticed a clear brownish liquid oozing from end of his left big toe nail so advised him to see his GP to ascertain the cause and see if it needed treatment. 

The Officer also left a message on his daughter’s answerphone giving the same advice, as the service user has some memory loss and she is his main carer.  She noted there was no sign of inflammation or infection and completed an alert form, she received a reply back from the Podiatrist saying that the Officer had given the correct advice.

The service user’s daughter contacted us the following day and left a message thanking the Officer for spotting the problem and saying she had taken her father to the doctor, she was very impressed with the service her father had received. 

The doctor had diagnosed a fungal infection and prescribed clavusimyl to put on his nails.  He had also asked for sample clippings of both big toe nails to be provided for further tests. The Officer noted a request in the service user’s notes so at his next visit the clippings can be given to the daughter to be taken to the doctor. The family were very grateful that the Officer had prevented the condition from deteriorating and having a negative impact on his health and mobility.

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