Getting Sorted Quickly

During an initial assessment visit to Mrs Taylor, one of the Promoting Independence Officers was concerned that she was complaining of feeling unwell that she had been unwell since the weekend. In particular she was aching, tired and very chesty. The Officer asked if she had seen her doctor

and although she hadn’t, Mrs Taylor promised that if she felt no better by next week she would. They chatted further and it became evident to the Officer that Mrs Taylor was very chesty and breathless. The Officer said she felt that she should contact her GP but Mrs Taylor said she really did not feel up to going in to the surgery. Our Officer said they could ask for a home visit and although Mrs Taylor was a little reluctant to ‘bother anyone’. The Officer offered to ring the surgery on her behalf.

When our Officer called they already had a nurse practitioner in the area and said they would ask her to call. She arrived within 20 mins and examined Mrs Taylor finding that she had a severe chest infection that she felt if left much longer would have resulted in pneumonia if not treated and subsequently a hospital admission. Due to the Officers’ actions the condition was identified and with the medication prescribed she will be able to recover in the comfort of her own home.

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