Getting Fitter with arm chair exercising

During an initial referral visit Mr Jones mentioned that he enjoyed regular sports and exercise in his younger days and led a very active life but missed it now that his mobility was reduced and he was beginning to feel unfit which was affecting him mentally as well as physically. Mr Jones‘ Promoting Independence Support Officer was aware of an excellent ‘Arm Chair’  exercise class in the Preston area at Galloway House . Mr Jones seemed really interested in seeing what it was like but transport was not easily available to him. The Support Officer took Mr Jones along to the class herself for a ‘taster ‘and indeed it was just right for Mr Jones who said he had a great time and would like to go again. At the same time the Officer had started supporting two ladies in the same area.

A younger lady who was suffering with low mood and lack of motivation and a lady in her 90’s who wanted to get out more and improve her fitness. The Officer again mentioned the Galloway House class but the ladies too had transport issues. Unperturbed, the officer sourced transport for all three people to be collected and again she accompanied them and even joined in the class herself. They enjoyed a good chat as well as the journey out and exercise and following a well deserved cuppa agreed to attend future classes. A few weeks later Mr Jones and the younger lady are still attending the classes together. Although Mrs Smith found them a little too much at the moment the two ladies have become firm friends and the younger lady regularly visits for a chatter which she says cheers them both up and motivates her to get out and about more.

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