Back-pay of £1960.00

Mrs McCann was referred to the CSI service in July in a referral from Social Services.

Mrs McCann suffers from Bi-Polar and subsequently has fluctuations in moods. She had been in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for approximately 10 years however; she had received a re-assessment form some time earlier but due to illness had not completed the form on time. As no further communication seemed to have taken place her DLA was stopped.

New forms were ordered and our Officer visited her to assist with completion, her condition was highlighted to me whilst completing the forms as she broke down and cried on several occasions; she was quite depressed. Her sister is a huge support and indeed wrote several pages of notes to support her claim. The said form was duly posted.


In late November our Officer was contacted again. Mrs McCann had been referred to Preston City Council. Her DLA had still not been re-instated and she was having difficulty paying her bills including council tax.

A visit was made to Mrs McCann in December several times and she informed the Officer that she had also fallen into debt with British Gas, who in turn had passed her debt to a debt collecting agency. On the final visit, Employment Support Allowance forms were completed on her behalf and the good news was that she has received a letter which stated her DLA had been re-instated.

The award had also been backdated up to the date it had been stopped; this meant she had been given back pay of £1960.00. We discussed this in the light of her energy bills and she was advised to make a lump sum payment to British Gas, this she agreed to.

Mrs McCann said she would be happy to pay £300.00 which would approximately halve her debt and also, now she has her DLA reinstated she is to set up a direct debit. This was a great result for Mrs McCann as she was not using her heating and the house was very cold, putting her health at risk.

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