Access to Benefits

Further information on the Access to Benefits service can be found on our website.

This service is funded through our charitable reserves, contributions from people such as yourself, donations and legacies left in wills.

Our current operating hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Please complete all sections of the form below then click on the submit button. Fields marked * must be completed or the form will not submit.

About the person requiring the benefit assessment

These are the details of the person requiring a benefit check

Please check those which apply
Details of person making the referral

Complete this section if making the referral on behalf of someone else, if you are referring yourself please leave blank and submit this form.

Please note, if you are making a referral on behalf of someone else, we cannot progress the referral if you do not leave your contact details as we do not know if consent has been given for you to pass on personal details.


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